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VF-74 Squadron Pilots

On September 15, 1944, the pilots of Fighter Squadron 74 on board the USS Kasaan Bay, were headed back to the United States. Behind them, they left Southern France free. They also left some of their comrades, sleeping in the soil, of this war-torn country, far from home and family. Their faces betray the sadness felt from the loss of friends.

This squadron went on to fight in the Pacific in 1945, losing more of their members.

Photos Left to Right

1. Lt. H.H. BASORE, Acting Commanding Officer after Bass, KIA, Aug. 20, 1944
2. Ensign W. J. LAHEY
3. Ensign J. E. ADAMS
4. Ensign W. A. SOMMERS
5. Lt. J. G. THOMAS
6. Ensign T. F. KENDRICK
7. Lt. jg J. H. DEVITO
8. Lt. jg J. H. STEWART
9. Ensign V. P. O'ROURKE
10. Ensign L. E. MOKRY
11. Ensign N. R. FOX
12. Lt. Cmdr. JOHN SANDOR, VOF-1, sent to VF-74 by Adm. C. T. Durgin, on way back

13. Ensign C. P. RATLIFF
14. Ensign R. F. KLINGERMAN, VF-74 Night Fighter Group
15. Lt. F. M. ROUNTREE
16. Ensign W. E. STAKLEY, VF-74 Night Fighter Group
17. Ensign C. D. GARRISON
18. Lt. H. A. BACH
19. Ensign G.E. COE
20. Ensign W.E. STRATTON, VF-74 Night Fighter Group
21. Ensign W.H. BETHA
22. Lt. J.G. BARTLEY
23. Lt. jg R. J. FINNIE

24. Ensign J.M. AIKEN
25. Lt. F.M. McLINN
26. Ensign M.L. DEWEESE
27. Ensign I.H. WIT
28. Lt. jg B.E. SMITH, VF-74 Night Fighter Group
30. Ensign P. PAVLOVICH
31. Lt. jg A. S. PAULSON
32. Ensign E. CLANCY
33. Lt. L. HORACEK
34. Ensign S. L. JAYNES, VF-74 Night Fighter Group

35. Ensign G. MINAR
36. Ensign S. E. COMELLA
37. Lt. J.C. FORNEY
38. Lt. H. E. BROWN, VF-74 Night Fighter Group
39. Lt. J. H. SHROFF
40. Lt. G. G. HOGAN
42. Ensign D. C. GLENDERS

Not Shown:
Ensign M B. HALES
Ensign M. F. DEMATER, Missing at sea, approach to Airbase Calvi Corse, night Mission August 20, 1944. Body and Plane not recovered.

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