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Address of Mr. Maisent
President of the National Order of Merit
Herault Section
Me'ze Cemetery

Some people may wonder: Why is the National Order of Merit present at this ceremony?

For two reasons:

The first being that our companion, Marcel ERTEL, belonging to the section of the "Haute Loire" took the initiative and asked us, which in our turn, to ask the Committee for the "French Remembrace" in Me'ze - through the channel of our Vice-President and avimator of the local Committee of the "Basseis Le THAU" the Air Brigadier General Pierre HUBAC.

The second one because we are leading actions aiming at developing the civic spirit of youth.

The duty of remembrance is part and parcel of civic spirit.

The civic spirit is the most elaborate form of the social link. It is what links us close to others. And makes us respect the others.

It is also love for the Fatherland, the respect for the flag, it's national anthem. That belongs to the very values of social life and everyone knows that society cannot be cherished when one has no regard at all for social values. Everytime we have the opportunity to associate the youngster to our ceremonies in order to perpetuate the duty of remembrance, we do it, and I am sorry no youngsters are present today.

As the generation that was the witness of such events is unrelently wearing away, the people who their lives for our liberty should not die once more - the vistims of a dreadful weapon - forgetfulness and and indifference.

Such is the meaning of our presence today next to the "French Remembrance". We should keep the light of remembrance bright because, of course, it reminds us of atrocious events, but also, because it also carries hope - the hope never to meet with such human catechisms.

William Nathan Arbuckle left his country, America. He flew the Atlantic to give up his life, so that we might get rid of the Nazi yolk. Many others did it too and gave up their lives so that we could live free in a country named France.

Thus, thank you Mr. Mayor, for your help in organizing this ceremony.

Thank you, too, to offer us the "glass of friendship" on behalf of the "French Remembrance and the National Order of Merit. We thank you and hereby raise our glasses for our American friends now and tell them how grateful we are to them.

Thank you, Mr. Jean Douay, Castelnau-le-Lez, France for the English translation Of General Brousse's address……….Ethel Taylor

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